Tweet Less: Get More (Clicks That Is)

Dan Zarrella is always full of in depth studies. His website is like a living text book on social media. I was digging through the archives today and came across his study on the click through rates (CTR) of links posted on Twitter. I’ll let Dan explain…

Tweet Much? Don’t Expect a High CTR. New data I’ve been working on seems to indicate that the more frequently you Tweet links, the fewer clicks you’ll get.

His post really goes into the details of why this is. I’ve often said, with no real data to back me up, that people posting endless links for their products won’t get them a valid ROI. This seems to back me up a little.

If you want your Tweet to get noticed and ReTweeted, you should slow down your posting rate.

If you’ve got a moment, his post is really worth a read.

So...what do you think?