15 Ways to Be Happier at Work

Be happy at work

Whether you own your business or you are slashing your way through the cubicle jungle we all want to be happier at work.

Take a moment and check out these ways you can make your work life much more enjoyable.

1. Be Assertive

Express your feelings and thoughts with confidence but without needing to “win” the discussion.

2. Be Self-aware

Recognize and understand what you are feeling in any given situation and why you feel that way.

3. Be Empathic

Understand and appreciate the feelings of others, even when you feel quite differently.

4. Be Solution-focused

Rather than complain about problems, isolate them and generate an effective solution.

5. Be Appreciative

Allow yourself to enjoy your work, the presence of your colleagues and your job’s ongoing challenges.

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3 Steps to Building a Solid Media List

Building media list

Want a step by step guide that will get you more press? Well, here you go. We found this post especially helpful this week.

If you’ve ever thought that getting press was something only the big brands could do then you should take a minute and read this post. It might change your mind (and teach you how to be successful at it too).

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The 2 Most Important Things for Email Marketers in 2013

Important things email marketers 2013

While we think there are WAY more than two things you should keep in mind when it comes to email marketing, this article makes a specific point worth remembering.

…email is the most popular activity on smart phones and tablets. Yep, not Facebook or search. The good old-fashioned warhorse of digital communications.

So if you’ve been trying to avoid being a “mobile marketer” but you’re doing email…guess what…you’re a mobile marketer. The sooner you accept it, the sooner you can capitalize on it.

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What the Creators of South Park Understand About Content?

South park content marketing

What does South Park have to do with marketing your business? Yeah, we thought that was a little bit of a stretch too.

Turns out it makes sense and it is a great reminder of the fact that, when we wear our marketing hat in business, we’re really storytellers. It doesn’t matter what the medium, that principle remains.

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19 Best Social Media Monitoring and Management Tools

Social media monitoring tools

Are you overwhelmed by Social Media? Well, we’re pretty sure this list of 19 different tools for you to play with won’t make you any less stressed. But they will help you get some results out of social.

We can’t deny that Social Media is a part of our business (and its success). A key component in Social Media Marketing is not just pushing content out there but actually monitoring individual campaigns. We’ll let Jamie explain the difference.

Social media management is important, but but there’s another set of tools that help you do social media management along with social media monitoring. When you monitor your social media campaigns, you’re including the added dimension of tracking the brand sentiment behind your campaigns.

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The Value of Existing Customers [infographic]

For our December infographic we’ll explore an under-valued segment of our businesses – our current customers. As you will see, a little extra attention to your existing customers can make a huge difference in your bottom line.


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The Friday Five – October 19th

Here are five of our favorite stories from the business world this past week. Check them out…

Friday Five October 19th | New HarborDesign

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You’ll Never Think Like a Leader Unless You Take the Time to Think

I was having coffee one day with a former colleague of mine at our favorite Starbucks when he asked me a question that absolutely floored me. He asked, “Are you taking the time in your schedule to think?”

Honestly, it caught me by surprise. No one – and I mean NO ONE – had ever asked that question before. And, sadly, I couldn’t answer the question in the affirmative. I wasn’t taking the time to think. I was too busy. There were meetings to attend, projects to finish, goals to achieve, people to manage, strategies to implement. And you know the rest of the list.

You’ll Never Think Like a Leader Unless You Take the Time to Think | New Harbor Design

I wasn’t putting time on my calendar to think. Looking back, truth be told, I probably wasn’t thinking at all. There wasn’t time. That’s why David Schwartz’ Law of Leadership Number Four (from his book The Magic of Thinking Big) has become so meaningful to me.

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The Friday Five – October 5th

Here are five of our favorite stories from the business world this past week. Check them out…

Friday Five October 5 | New HarborDesign

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5 Must Answer Questions for Your New Logo Design

Logo Design - 5 Must Answer Questions | New Harbor DesignBetween Crowdsourcing and Craigslist, cheap logo design is beating thoughtful logo design and it’s getting sad.

If you have big plans for your business then I would spend less time looking on Craigslist and more time with a real logo design professional.

Regardless of your choice of designer, here are five questions you must ask when planning a new logo. This is not an exhaustive list but it will help you put some thought in to your new brand.

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