The Friday Five – September 14

Here are five of our favorite stories from the business world this past week. Check them out…


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iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts for Faster Typing

Productivity and project efficiency are high priorities at our marketing firm. We are always looking to do something faster and better every time.

While today’s tip may not be 100% about project management, it is very helpful if you want to be even quicker with your iPhone.

iPhone Keyboard Shortcuts Faster Typing | New Harbor Design

The other day I was texting someone and tripped up on a word/phrase. It slowed me down for a second. This happens more than you would think (especially if you’re texting while driving…which you shouldn’t do…and I never do ;))

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The Friday Five – September 7

Each Friday we’ll be sharing five of our favorite stories that we shared on Twitter during the week. Check them out…

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Grow Your Business in One Week

Organized project management is essential to successful business marketing. But ‘organized’ often gets mistaken for over planning. We build massive time tables to get way too many things done and the result is usually underwhelming.

So we’re trying something new. We are working on one week “growth projects.” That’s right, one week.

Grow your business in one week | New Harbor Design

This isn’t new. Many tech companies have been doing it for years. They’ve even built some really cool products with “hackathons” that last only 24 hours. Even successful businesses like Mint were developed in just a week.

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Why Email Marketing Isn’t Dead

With the rise in popularity of social media marketing, many large and small businesses have decided to move away from email marketing. We believe that doing this is a mistake. Why? Because the numbers don’t add up. Of course, having a presence on Facebook and Twitter is an important aspect of any company’s marketing plan. However, if you intend to grow your business, you will also need to incorporate email marketing.

Why Email Marketing Isnt Dead | New Harbor Design

Here’s what I mean: studies show that there are currently over 2.9 billion active email accounts. By comparison, Facebook, the king of social media, has 901 million members. As you can see, advertising on Facebook alone immediately shuts off approximately 69 percent of your potential customer base. Looking at these numbers, it’s easy to see why the top entrepreneurs in the world are still using email as a major component of their inbound marketing efforts.

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How to Win at Growing Your Business

How to Win at Growing Your Business - New Harbor Design

For many reasons, I’ve never been a fan of lotteries. One of these reasons is that I’ve never liked the idea of getting a lump sum of money. I’d much rather receive money each month than have to budget my lump sum and spread it out. Now, we can poke holes in that way of thinking all day long but it leads me to an important point about growing your business.

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Top 5 Reasons Brands Fear Social Media

I’ve been meaning to share this link with everyone for awhile now. Online Marketing Trends posted an article on the top five reasons brands fear social media. It’s really interesting and it makes a lot of sense to me.

I’ve talked to a lot of my clients over the last couple of years and all of them have some reason why they are NOT online. When it all boils down, the main reason I’m finding, other than lack of time, is that they just don’t understand it. They don’t get how it works for their business and they just can’t see the point in spending energy on it. At times I see where they are coming from.

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Tweet Less: Get More (Clicks That Is)

Dan Zarrella is always full of in depth studies. His website is like a living text book on social media. I was digging through the archives today and came across his study on the click through rates (CTR) of links posted on Twitter. I’ll let Dan explain…

Tweet Much? Don’t Expect a High CTR. New data I’ve been working on seems to indicate that the more frequently you Tweet links, the fewer clicks you’ll get.

His post really goes into the details of why this is. I’ve often said, with no real data to back me up, that people posting endless links for their products won’t get them a valid ROI. This seems to back me up a little.

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Adam’s 2 to 1 Marketing Strategy


Adam's 2 to 1 Marketing StrategyIn the previous post of this series we discussed narrowing our marketing plan down to a few small and manageable tasks that we can complete daily. I know, it’s not as sexy as a huge marketing plan. But get this through your head; a huge marketing plan that sits on your shelf is not a plan. It’s a book. You need to execute something in order to get your business moving. A couple small things that are actually completed will move you much farther than that thick document you just spill coffee on. Get it?

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Why Your Marketing Plan Sucks


Let’s come out with it right at the beginning here – the biggest excuse people have for not marketing effectively is not that they don’t have the money. It’s not that they don’t know what they’re doing. For small business owners, it can be boiled down to this.

“there’s too much to do and not enough time to do it so we just don’t do it at all.”

Think about it. When you boil down all of the excuses, the reason why it hurts so much to market our businesses is because that list of things that “we should be doing” is overwhelming.

Stop by a blog, follow a marketer on Twitter or pick up a business magazine and you’re going to get hit with a long list of things you need to be doing to market your business successfully. Soon after that, you’re going to be hit with the depression or hopelessness that comes from not being able to see that new idea become a completed task.

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